Ways we can help your organisation

Our services are for charitable organisations and Not-for-Profits.

We aim to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Koori) communities and

PBI (Public Benevolent Institution) specified Organisations as our priority.

We can help organisations with

  • Create personalised and industry approved 50+ specified policies and procedures customised to their unique organisational needs;

  • Assist with selecting the appropriate constitutional structure and developing their constitution alongside their organisation's needs, requirements, and legal requirements.

  • Assist and support with creating a personalised Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP);

  • gaining access to various pro-bono support services, e.g. email and ICT services, Social Media, Team building, and co-working spaces (virtual).

  • Guidance around governance, at both management and Board level;

  • Networking to appropriate stakeholders;

  • Human Resources process establishment and training;

  • National Police Check Services;

  • Auspicing arrangements for grants and donations;

  • Ensuring they have the appropriate insurance for their organisation.

  • Create personalised, and industry-approved various forms to make their systems and operations more enhanced, as well as provide appropriate information, which is to help safeguard the organisation's.

  • Assist and support with both Incorporation and ACNC Registration;

  • Assist and support with applying for appropriate ATO registrations and eligibility to concessions with government agencies;

  • Assist and support with ensuring the organisations has the appropriate Insurances, Fundraising licenses, and other Permits.

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