Our Ethics


I took up this position to work for something larger than myself. I will carry out this work honestly and in fairness to everybody involved, placing the interests of others before my own.



  1. pursue as their highest priority the fulfillment of the mission of the organisation

  2. after that, promote the interests of the organisation itself

  3. after that, consider the interests of the organisation's stakeholders, its clients, its consumers, its employees, and the society, and the environment in which it operates.



I will work within the law, and within the rules, and I will see that my organisation does too.


  1. ensure to the best of their ability that the organisation is observing sound financial practices, managing potential risks effectively, and is capable of meeting its legal and financial obligations

  2. ensure to the best of their ability that the organisation is complying with all applicable legislation and regulation

  3. observe the provisions of the organisation's constitution, bylaws, standing orders, and policies.

Colorful Books


In my dealings with the organisation, I shall be honest and open and shall not take any advantage of my position on the board.


  1. place their own interests, or the interests of any other person or body, before the interests of the organisation

  2. enter into any financial relationship with the organisation without the approval of the board, in whose deliberations on that issue the director/board member shall have taken no part

  3. through their own conduct bring the organisation into disrepute.



I shall keep secret any secrets that have been entrusted to me, and I shall freely tell anyone anything they are entitled to know.


  1. preserve, where appropriate, the confidentiality of the organisation's business

  2. protect the privacy of the organisation's employees, clients, and customers

  3. recognise their accountability to the organisation's members and provide all information on the organisation's performance necessary to give meaning to that accountability.

Best Friends


I shall do the job fully and without reservations.


  1. exercise their independent judgment on the issues before them

  2. provide themselves with the information from within and without the organisation necessary to support the exercise of their judgments

  3. invest the time and effort required to fulfill the requirements of the position by reading the materials, participating fully in meetings, and carrying out any assigned duties.



I shall know what the organisation does, and why, and I shall tell the world about it.


  1. educate themselves continuously to maintain knowledge, skills, and qualifications needed to oversee the affairs of the organisation effectively

  2. communicate the significance of the organisation's mission, its strategy, and its culture to members, employees, stakeholders, and the public

  3. share where appropriate and with their colleagues in the field the insights and practices they have developed in the course of their work.



I will treat the people involved with the organisation respectfully, fairly, and without prejudice.


  1. observe and promote the human rights of all persons touched by the work of the organisation

  2. oppose prejudice, address disadvantage, and promote diversity in all aspects of the governance and the management of the organisation

  3. treat colleagues, clients and the community with courtesy and respect.

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